Subtle statement

Hermès choker

Love this black braided choker by Hermès. I'm into leather accessories right now. And since my neck is not extraordinarily long or anything, I tend to stick with "thin" necklaces because they're much easier to wear. I would wear this on days I don't feel like wearing my vintage gold chain. 

Lazy Sunday

A trench coat is always classic. As you can see - I love a long coat paired with anything short underneath.


A nice, warm place to visit.

Currently working on my first FULL Spring/ Summer 2015 debut collection for The Fashion Club and I'm really excited/ nervous/ anxious/ tired/ stressed out/ back to excited. Although the label has been around for a year already, I've never presented as many pieces as I have before. And I can't say much without giving it away. Let's just say... I've grown up a lot in this past year.


Two points of interest. Clutch of my dreams. Couch of my present. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. But presentation means everything.


April Favorites

Wearing: The Fashion Club shirt, Frame Denim jeans, Tabitha Simmons boots

So here are this month's favorite items that I can't live without and all around things I'm into. Tested and mother approved (get it? Ha... ha... ha).

1. Sunday Riley "Good Genes": Okay, I am a total workaholic these days which means, most of the time, I'm in the office with not nearly as much fresh air as I'd like to have. It also means I'm getting minimal sleep. So when it comes to my face, I prefer "minimal effort for maximum results." Thus, this all in one treatment that I originally purchased for its sweet exfoliating properties. If you aren't familiar with this brand, I recommend this product as a great starter (the rest is a little pricey). The texture of my skin has never been better.

2. Kate Moss x Topshop Jacket: A preview of the upcoming collection set to arrive on the 30th. I haven't followed the KM collections in quite a few years but this jacket (suede?) jacket really caught my eye. I imagine it looking really chic paired with trousers or blue jeans.

3. Hermès Spring/ Summer 2014: The weather is warming up right now and all I want to wear is Christophe Lemaire's collection for Hermès. Breezy, relaxed white shirting and light trench coats paired with sandals. I guess I just want to be feel extra clean and crisp. Mmmm... perfection!

4. The Laundress x Le Labo "Santal 33" Detergent: This stuff is way too much to do your regular laundry with. BUT, if you're obsessed with Santal and you're obsessed with your sheets smelling like Santal, I suggest you buy this asap so your sleep... precious sleep... will be the best you've ever had. Trust me.

5. Vince Tank: The "Favorite" tank is a new favorite of mine. I've been looking for a basic, versatile tank to wear during emergency 85 degree or hotter days - quite common in LA. It's also great for nights when my t-shirt is a bit too casual. I like to wear it with black jeans and then throw on a black fur for after hours.

6. Simple Sandals: When I bought these sandals, they were an awkward blue/ gray color that I recently dyed black for summer. I'm glad I did because now, they kind of remind me of the first shoes from the Hermès look (above). Here's a tip - when you spot a great shoe that's on super sale but in a seasonal color, buy the color and then have it dyed to something more classic. Because the classic colors almost never go on sale. But a similar look, try these by one of the best shoemakers: Common Projects.



Melanie Ward in Blouson Noir
Pic via Interview

Today's dedication goes to the impossibly chic and brilliant Melanie Ward, original Helmut Lang stylist and designer of her (equally brilliant but short-lived) label Blouson Noir. A strong woman in strong, sexy clothes. Could anyone ask for a better icon?

The new millennial definition of icon is something I can't really relate to. She poses by her desk in perfectly coordinating manicure, short skirt, and long, cascading curls. SHE looks like... a lot of work. The power of image is important. And certainly, it goes a long way in conveying to a modern generation that you are "checking in." But when all the dust settles, and we are all a little less shiny, will you want to look back on a body of "work," or a body of work. Or better yet, let your work speak for you. While you, remain, unwavering you.



The Fashion Club 2014
Here is a sneak peak of what is available on the site right now. Need a shirt? We have you covered...