Statement rings

Repossi, Inez & Vinoodh, Tom Wood, Tiffany & Co.

As you might have noticed, I don't wear a lot of jewelry. Well, not the stacking kind that is. These are great to wear when you want to keep your neckline clean but still have a bit of jewelry on. To just wear one feels rebellious. And the graphic element is a nice touch. They're not cheap. But remember, you only need one.

So which one do you prefer?

East meets East End

Lara Stone styled by Melanie Ward for W Magazine

Love this editorial starring Lara Stone and styled by Melanie Ward for W Magazine. The mood is totally right for the time. That bit of Eastern influence by way of Ikebana style motifs and actual kimonos infuses romanticism to an otherwise very New Wave styling. It's sleek without being cliche.


vintage Levi's shorts

Looks like I finally took that much deserved dip. Late night swims are the best.

Summer in September

Wouters & Hendrix earrings, Ancient Greek sandals, Caudalie spray, Eres bathing suit, vintage Levi's shorts
Pic via Mona Matsuoko

Let me tell you how hard it is to be chic in 100 degree weather. All of these "cozy knitwear" stories are driving me insane as I sit in front of this big industrial fan trying to remember what day it is. In fact, it is September and Los Angeles is currently experiencing a heat wave of epic proportions... all I want to do is go swimming!

I bought this spray from Caudalie in addition to my usual mineral water spray from Evian or Avene. While the Evian or Avene is hydrating, the Caudalie contains a refreshing blend of rich antioxidents that leaves your face feeling cool. I keep a bottle in my car at all times to keep me looking refreshed.

The new preferred look of Levi's cut-offs is slightly longer than what you're used to seeing. I like this more boyish look because it is more versatile and flattering.

My new place has a pool which I'm really excited about - a dream would be this Eres bathing suit which features a sexy back and revealing enough front. Again, a really versatile piece which also looks great as a top.

I like the look of multiple earrings worn like IMG model Mona Matsuoko in this picture. And I can't live without my Ancient Greek sandals which are great for the price. I just purchased the Thalia style which I've been wearing all month. And I'm loving these pony hair Thais style as well. I don't know... I guess the Adidas slip-on just never appealed to me.

How to layer properly

Gucci SS15 via Pat McGrath

A return to traditional layering is always a nice welcome. Of course, I am a fan. Gucci SS15 featured many collared shirts and dresses layered underneath sweaters and jackets and finished with a cleverly tied scarf. The look is clean but feminine. A vibe I am totally into.

Hair oil

Redken Diamond Oil

This Redken oil is kind of pricy ($40) but it's the only oil I've put in my hair that has made it look and feel so much softer. I've tried others like Moroccan and it feels like it just sits on top of the hair - if you know what I mean. Daily, this is the only hair product I use. It's also great if you have extra thick and dry hair like me. I use one full dropper of it at a time.

Inspired hair

Dior F/W 2014-15 Campaign

Love these pictures of Fei Fei in the latest Dior campaign. I especially love how Duffy styled her hair: slightly tucked back with a hint of ear, stringy ends, with an emphasis on BABY HAIRS.

I always ask my hairstylist to thin out my hair like this because it is usually so thick. Currently, I'm growing out my hair to as long as possible and keeping the color natural. The natural look feels right for the time. No cheesy colored hair please.